My Vision

Veganism is one of my passions. It is my intention to find a way to bridge the culinary experience of good eating with Veganism on a global scale. I intend to bring you recipes that excite the palate and break you away from the mundane dining experience. It is also my intention with It’s a Vegan World to teach, inform and offer products, ideas and services that will help create a world that is conscious while working for humanity as well as our precious animal inhabitants.

It’s A Vegan World

My Story

I am Antoinette Naomi Reddick the creator of It’s a Vegan World as well as In the Flow Living. Both sites are about living consciously and centered around the purpose of influencing the awakening of loving beings – on a mental, physical and spiritual level. I started off my journey as a vegetarian 22 years ago and quickly moved to a vegan lifestyle a few years later, making my complete vegan journey span over two decades. In recent years, as I traveled around the world for three years, I noticed my passion for seeking out vegan cuisine and so I want to share a bit of that passion with you. Through the many culinary ideas that I’ve uncovered throughout my twenty years as a vegan, I hope to bring the culinary world a bit closer and to make eating and living consciously a habit that sticks. Most importantly, it is my intention to make a soulfully concerted effort at sharing other conscious options from food, to apparel, to all things vegan. It is my wish for It’s A Vegan World to one day stamp it’s place on the map and be a hub that you can call your community.

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